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The cAos Linux Project


cAos Linux is a community-maintained and managed, RPM-based distribution of Linux. Our Wiki is the community’s (users’) instruction database that allows and encourages everyday users to create and edit instructions and "How-To’s" related to the use, administration, configuration and development of the cAos Linux Operating System.

Please use the links below to locate documentation on cAos Linux or to contribute additional documents. If you can’t find something, please suggest a question for our FAQ.


  1. Installation
  2. Configuration and Customization
  3. Security
  4. Administration
  5. Services
  6. Third-Party Software
  7. Ports Tree
  8. Support
    1. Patches and Bugs
    2. Mailing Lists
  9. Development
    1. Package Maintenance
    2. Build System
    3. CVS Access
    4. Portstree Programs
    5. Standard
    6. Package Specific Information
      1. KDE

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