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Welcome to the cAos KDE developer page

In order to contribute to the cAos KDE packages, please join IRC and ping datadevil or jtate. You may also file bugs and attache patches through bugzilla or the cAos-devel mailing list?.

You will need to familiarize yourself with Mezzanine as our process relies heavily on this tool.

All of the packages required to build KDE are available via the cAos CVS server. They are in the module caos/users/kde. In order to write to this area you must be added to the kde group.

  • Anonymous CVS Access?
  • Developer CVS Access?

Special notes on the packages:

  • By default kde uses FAM to monitor file access. KDE in cAos2 has been modified to use gamin as there are issues with FAM and selinux.

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