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The Market For Celebrity Apps

Tweeting about what they ate for breakfast and updating their instagram handle with their attire for the event are conventional methods followed by celebrities to stay in touch with their fans. The new age method is to have an app of their own. These apps are referred to as the “Celebrity Apps”.  With every business make their foray into the mobile app sector why not celebrities.

Even though the main purpose of celebrity apps is to stay connected with the audience, there are also other underlying aspects to it. They can be a good investment which can generate income if used in the right way.

The Variants

When it comes to celebrity apps there is no particular format to it. Some develop an app to be a game and some go for real time content. For example Kardashian Jenner official app gives you free content and updates about the two of the well known sir names in the celebrity circle. On the other hand Kim kardashian Hollywood is a game which basically gives the virtual experience of Kim Kardashian’s  life in Los Angeles.

Celebrities have different preferences. We know for a fact there are celebrities who are not just about glamour. Chelsea Handler’s app has some real life applications like scheduling calls and texts. Talent personified Tom Hanks launched an app called the Hanx Writer. It converts your iPad into a vintage typewriter.

West in The Lead

When it comes to any technology the west has always been the first to adapt it and celebrity apps is not an exception. The majority of the celebrity apps are from Hollywood. Even there it has not become a fad yet. There are no second thoughts about the fact that there is still a long way to go for celebrities across the world to realize the potential of having their own app.

What goes in?

Celebrity app development is not that different from a any other app. It is just that there are customized images or graphics of a particular individual. But there are few special ingredients that would make the app special.

The Design

The design of the app should in such a way that it reflects that particular celebrity. Simple aspects like the colors to the complicated aspects like voice interaction, everything can be customized according to that particular celebrity.

Hit The Right Targets

There are possibilities that celebrities will be famous in a particular niche or in a particular demography. It is mandatory that we reach the right people and the right time. It will give the app immediate popularity and it makes the marketing process easier.

Use Reliable Resources

An app is a culmination of different entities. For example the security of the app will be provided by a different brand and the payment gateway will be provided by a different brand. Hence it is important that you choose reliable vendors. It is because app users security is at stake.

The Market Celebrity Apps

There is no point blank statement that can be made for market of celebrity apps. It varies from place to place.  It is hard to market a Hollywood celebrity app in India and Bollywood celebrity app in the United States. If catered according to the audience, celebrity apps are the ones with very high potential.

The US

As mentioned earlier if you are a well known name in Hollywood, US is an amazing market for your app. You can be a singer, a rapper or an actor, the scale of your popularity is the one that matters. Speaking of popularity why limit to arts, it can also suit for sports. If you are an NBA or a NFL star an app in your name is bound to gain instant popularity and succeed as a business if done in the right way.


Very few Chinese celebrities have shined in the global arena. But their local popularity cannot be taken on a lighter note. People like Jackie Chan and BTS are famous on a global scale. On the other hand there are some celebrities who are quiet popular in the local scene as well who are endorsing global brands. It is to be noted that Chinese celebrities is less transparent than the rest of the world.

India – The Sub-Continent 

India might be leading the race in technology, space research and a lot of other sectors. But they are still emotional which can be easily capitalized. But still you need to take into account that the celebrity must really famous, like someone on par with RDJ. The predominant population is not yet exposed to celebrities like Robert De Niro. If it is for sports personnel, it better be some cricketer, if not it is going to be a difficult task.

Middle East

Middle Eastern countries are filled with no n residents from across the globe. It is place where you can witness a mix of cultures. It is hard to segment people. Hence it provides the opportunity to market all kinds of celebrity. There is a very high possibility that Middle East will provide you with descent results.


The market for celebrity apps differs from place to place. It all burns down to the behavioral pattern of people in that particular location. It is mandatory that necessary market research muct be done befor launching or marketing any celebrity apps.  

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