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The Era of Multiexperiences

Using Gartner’s definition, multiexperience platforms “enable development of progressive web apps (PWAs), conversational apps (voice assistants and chatbots), immersive apps, and wearable apps.” With new touch points entering our daily lives, companies need to step up their game and rethink their digital strategy to meet customers expectations.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: as if it wasn’t challenging enough to find skilled resources to develop iOS and Android applications at enterprise level, now you need to find more developers to cover every single digital experience. Well, not exactly.

To solve this challenge, the leading MADPs have extended their use cases and development offering to help enterprises develop seamless omnichannel, multiexperiences applications. This includes capabilities to develop:

  • Mobile and web apps, including iOS and Android native mobile apps, progressive web apps, and responsive web apps
  • Smartphone and tablet apps
  • Weareable, AR/VR, IoT, AI apps.

Moreover, Gartner went even a step further and replaced its annual MADP Magic Quadrant with the Multiexperience Development Platforms (MXDP).

So, with all these challenges in mind, how do you choose the best mobile / multiexperience platform and vendor for your business needs? There is no lack of options. In the previous Magic Quadrant that I mentioned, Gartner evaluated 80+ vendors but only scored 18 vendors, 

including Microsoft, OutSystems, Salesforce, Kony, SAP, IBM, and PegaSystems.

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