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Mantis is our bug tracking system. Please use it to submit bugs, security issues and feature requests. Also make sure you don’t submit duplicate bugs. First search against the database to make sure your bug is unique, and then post with as much detail as possiable. Also post information on how to reproduce it if possible.
E-mail lists

Historically the most commonly used form of communication for Open Source collaboration has been E-mail mailing lists. The cAos Foundation hosts a list server to be used for support and development of various open source projects. Below is a quick refrence list of the commonly used lists.

CAOS Linux talk
General user level discussions regarding the cAos Linux distribution. The Warewulf cluster toolkit

The Warewulf cluster toolkit
General and development matters of the Warewulf cluster toolkit. (only the Warewulf mailing list is hosted by the cAos Foundation) cAos development

CAOS development
Specific matters concerning the development of the cAos Linux distribution

The full list of lists can be found at:


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) us a real time communication tool (chat), which facilitates fast troubleshooting and development. Because it is real time and at any given time, people are logged in from around the world make it a very powerful tool. IRC, has a major drawback of not archiving and support of threaded conversations, so it should not be used for critical decisions that should be discussed throughly (use E-mail lists for that). It is however amazing useful for realtime development and support.

Our IRC channels (rooms) are located on and can be connected to via several different client programs:

  • gaim
  • mozilla-chat
  • xchat
  • and many others

To connect to our channels, use the following:

The IRC channels logs are available from this page.

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