Desarrolladores Donaciones Socio Patrocinando


It may be possible for external organizations to help fund development efforts for certain components or projects. This can include modifications or features that at are not currently available, as well as help with costs of current development efforts (ie. back-ports and updates).

Organizations who wish to sponsor a development effort will get recognition for their contribution on the effort. Thus, someone that sponsors a particular application or port of an application, may have their name associated with the application when it is released. Right now we are actively looking for sponsors for the following efforts (but of course not limited to):

  • Site: development and maintaince, bandwidth, servers
  • cAos-1: updates (bug and security updates)
  • cAos-2: core development, specific packages, updates, installer, security
  • Infrastructure: Server maintaince
  • other: Please contact Greg Kurtzer for other requests/needs

All sponsored efforts must be available to the general public, and will be licensed to/by the cAos Foundation. There may be a secondary license granted if needed to the sponser.

If you are interested in sponsoring an effort, please contact Greg Kurtzer.