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Playstore vs App Store

Andriod vs iOS – is without a doubt one of the greatest rivalries in the history of tech world. The head on collision has been going on for years. Even though they belong to the same category and serve the same purpose, what both of bring to the table are poles apart. At the end of the day it all burns down to customer affinity when it comes to preference.

Mobile app developers, develop the app develop apps for both platforms. Even though there are a lot of differences between these two, the biggest and the most evident one is their app offering platforms. Get us get into the details of the difference between App Store and Play Store.

Approval Process

App Store:

One of the biggest hurdles that the app developers have to cross when it comes to iOS is the approval process. Getting the app approved is comparatively difficult in app store. Here is possibility of your app getting rejected even for the slightest errors. It is mandatory that the apps must meet their expectations in every possible aspect. It is a strenuous for the developers who want certain specifications in their apps.

Even though Apple’s app reviews team is not that flexible, the brighter side to it is that they make sure to provide reviews to the developers. They also make sure to point out where changes need to be made. This is the one of the reason why app store is very secure.

Play Store:

Getting your app listed in Play Store is an easy task compared to getting it in the app store. Play Store is more developers friendly and hence app developers can experiment in the mobile app development process. It save considerable amount of time. The frustration and fear for developing app for App store is eliminated completely.  The flip side of it is that there are possibilities of apps having unresolved issues or bugs in it. Hence security is at concern. Since there are more apps, the competition is also high.


App Store:

Even though getting your approved in the App store is a difficult process, there are better possibility is visibility of your App. There is a high possibility that your gets promoted and boasted in many channels. You app can get featured in different app categories. Some of them include popular app, app of the week and a lot more.

The flip side to it is that visibility cannot be maintained for a very long time considering the competition. Every day thousands are apps are developed and hundreds of apps are approved. The one trick that you need to follow is to fill the form correctly keeping in mind the target sector. There will be certain keywords that have more relevance to your app.

Play Store:

There is not much difference when it comes to visibility. Play Store behaves just like the app store. The app initially gets featured in various categories. But maintaining the visibility for a long term is the issue. In Play Store Keywords does not hold much importance. When any user searches for an app, the Play Store acts like a search engine. It displays the results based on the app description and name of the app. So while submitting the app, make sure the app description is made accordingly.

Costs & Monetization

App Store:

If you want to enroll yourself as a app developer you need to pay $99 per year. It is worth it because you get access to wide range of app developer resources. You will get a whopping 70% of the app sales. Hence the popularity of the app is directly proportional to the money that you are going to earn.  

Play Store:

Google Play Store charges just $25 as a onetime payment to register as an app developer. Immediately after registering as an app developer, there is a tour of the Play Store of how the app needs to be developed and want the parameters that needs to be taken into account. Just like App Store the developers get 70% of the app revenue in sales. But you need to take into account that majority of the apps in Play Store are free and hence you cannot make much of revenue from app sales.

The Final Verdict

Both Play Store and App Store have their pros and cons. The two big players in the mobile app sector is making sure to provide their users the best. From time to time proper updates are provided to both the app providing platforms.

In the initial stages App Store might help you in generating money from the app sales. That is the reason why most apps are launched in the app store first. But in the long run when you want to reach more people, Play Store is the ideal choice. Since Android is powering most of mobile devices, it helps in reaching as much audience as possible.

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