CAOS: High Performance, Effecient, Community Linux
An innovative design focusing on efficiency and performance, CAOS starts with a lean core and extends to a streamlined operating system that incorporates robustness, performance and the constant ability to recreate itself. Our industry experienced developers were inspired by the need to create an operating system that combined efficiency with serious power. This focus on high performance and scalability in our build model translates all the way down to our system management and user interface, making CAOS not only the distribution of choice for clusters, servers, and appliances, but also a solid choice for graphical workstations, and the latest laptops. CAOS Linux is based on the best aspects of GNU/Linux, designed to run out of the box on all i386 and x86_64 based hardware.



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March 22, 2006
CAOS-2 including Warewulf 2.6!
Warewulf 2.6.2 was imported into the cAos-2 current and stable trees. This release will obsolete the 2.4 version which was previously included.
February 2006
New CAOS Linux web site!
We hope you noticed our new logo too! We will be making more graphic media avaialable soon. Please contact us should you need something specific.
Tuesady, Aug 8th, 2005
The cAos Foundation at San Francisco LinuxWorld Expo 2005
The cAos Foundation will have a booth at Linux World Expo in San Francisco, California August 9th through the 11th. We are in the Dot-Org pavilion in booth 2042 and we will be demoing cAos Linux 2 and Linux Clustering using Warewulf. Please stop by the booth and say hello to the Volunteers that are hosting the booth.
Friday, July 29th, 2005
Sidekick and Cinch updates!
Sidekick and Cinch updates! Cinch has been updated with the latest updates and released version 2.1 for x86_64! This minor update (2-2.1a) has all of the same cinch code, but it uses an updated core and includes wireless-tools in the core file system. Sidekick has also been updated to handle wireless options (such as WEP keys and network name (ESSID)). Please feel free to test the new installers: caos-2-2.1a.i386.iso and caos-2-2.1a.x86_64.iso.
Thurs July 28th, 2005
KDE has been imported into cAos2!
By popular demand, KDE has been imported into cAos-2. I would like to thank all of the developers and volunteers that worked on this and contributed their time and experience! KDE is available for ia32 and x86_64 architectures and is present in both the current and stable package repositories.
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