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    -CentOS 3.3 is out!
    -cAos-2 almost ready
    -Live cAos-2 demo at Linux World Expo in SF
    -cAos development update ...
    -CentOS-2 Final released

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    08 Nov 2003

    cAos is a community of open source contributors and users. cAos users are organizations and individuals who do not need strong commercial support in order to achieve successful operation.

    Our goals are:

    • Provide free, stable, enterprise-level Linux solutions,
    • Maintain community standards,
    • Utilize the most current packages where possible,
    • Achieve longevitity, and
    • Meet the needs of users and developers.

    The kernel and almost every application that makes up a Linux distribution are free and are supported by their respective development groups. cAos is simply a effort to integrate these components into usable, stable products.

    There are two main projects, cAos and CentOS, plus Cinch, the cAos installer.

    • cAos is the initial project (thus the name). This is a new distribution, with a goal of using all pristine (unforked and unpatched) sources from the developers whenever possible.
    • cAos also hosts two Enterprise Linux solutions, CentOS-2 and CentOS-3, based on Redhat Enterprise Linux 2.1 AS and 3 ES respectively, and in full compliance with RedHat’s redistribution requirements.
    • The Cinch installer allows installation either from a single 1.4 Mb floppy and an internet connection (for best results, broadband or faster), or from a single CD ISO.

    If you want to help, join in on the fun or just lurk, here are some good ways to follow development:

    • Log into our IRC channels #cAos and #centos at
    • Join our mailing list here
    • Request an account to become a package maintainer by filling out the new user request form at
    • Provide financial support, either by purchasing cAos products or making tax-deductible contributions.

    cAos is like PBS -- we need your support!

    To learn more, click on one of the menu items in the upper left …

    CentOS 3.3 is out!

    20 Sep 2004

    CentOS 3.3 is available for general use – you can find it at:

    or at a mirror near you. (It should be propigated to all the public mirrors by now.)

    This is a complete rebuild of all the updated packages that Red Hat has included in the SRPM’s of their Enterprise Linux 3 Update 3.

    The changed packages from update 3 are overlaid onto 3.1. This release includes a rebuilt anaconda and new boot kernels for the installer.

    The release includes both X86_64 and i386 architecture support!

    Click on “Read On…” for important details….
    Read On…

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