CAOS-2 Features


  • The Linux 2.6 kernel (initial release with
  • The Gnu Compilers (GCC) version 3.4.3
  • X implementation: version 6.8.2
  • Scripting languages: Perl-5.8.5 and Python-2.3.3
  • Utilizes the UDEV device file system
  • The RPM Package Manager version 4.4
  • YUM package updater and installer
  • File systems: ext2, ext3, xfs, reiser and jfs at install
  • Architectures: ia32 (i386-athlon), x86_64 (AMD64 and EM64T)
  • Operating System is always self hosting


  • Window managers: Gnome, XFCE, Enlightenment
  • Desktop apps: Mozilla, Epiphany, Firefox, Abiword, Evolution, Bluefish, Gimp
  • Multimedia: Rhythmbox, Xmms, Totem, Vanity, Gnomemeeting


  • File servers: Apache, Apache2, thttpd, tux, VSFTPD, PROFTPD, Samba
  • Mail servers: postfix, sendmail, imapd, dovecot, mailman
  • SQL server: MySQL-4, PostgreSQL


  • Node Management: Warewulf
  • Tools: LAM-MPI, pdsh, Torque, PVFS2, Ganglia


  • 3-5 year life cycle (from release)
  • Maintainers range from many backgrounds, and are dedicated to supporting the OS
  • Packages are maintained in CVS, with many developers having access to specific trees

Look and Feel

  • File hierarchy similar to RHL
  • Much more…..

The CAOS Vision

The cAos Linux Project was first initated because of the need for an openly managed, RPM based version of Linux. We consider this project the answer for the "sweet spot" distribution of Linux, and will continue to develop and maintain it to meet the requirements of the "sweet spot" solution.

The sweet spot distribution has all of the following attributes:

  • Offers a combination of bleeding edge package versions and stability
  • Must have a long life, offering updates for 3-5 years
  • Always be freely available and distributable
  • Managed and maintained openly by the community itself
  • Utilizes known standards in the community
  • Works for many solutions
  • A general purpose distribution

cAos Linux will continue to grow and become more popular. As this happens, we will also get more developers, contributions, and the cAos Foundation will get more support partners. This will make the cAos Project and Foundation more successful, and will grow financially, which will then be turned into infrastructure and developer salaries. With a full time development staff we will be able to produce stronger software and spend more time on it. This in turn will help us grow, and complete the cycle.

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