The CAOS Foundation is a not for profit organization. We are not in the business to get rich, but we do need to financially break even if we are to be successful. This means that we need to cover the costs for infrastructure, core developers and security gurus. We are able to keep the overhead of our organization very low, but we still need to be able to pay for these basic needs.

Eventually we hope to receive enough donations to pay the developers a salary so they can focus full time with the CAOS Foundation.

We have determined that a reasonable monetary contribution is $12 per year, per system. Of course the level and frequency of contributions is up to the user. All contributions no matter the size are greatly appreciated.

Online donation form (credit card and paypal)

Or you can make check payable to:

The cAos Foundation
P.O. BOX 6203
Albany, CA 94706-6203

The cAos Foundation has been incorporated as a not-for-profit Foundation, and will be obtaining non-profit status with the US IRS estimated for 2005.

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