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Are you interested in helping the cAos Foundation or one of its projects?

We are always interested in working with people that want to help! We have lots of positions open that cover a wide range of skill sets.

If you wish to become a cAos developer, join the mailing lists for the project that you wish to help with. It is also a good idea to jump into one of our channels on IRC. While IRC can not replace email lists, it is very good for real time communication, and allows development and ideas to flow easily.

It is always a good idea to introduce yourself to the current members, and offer your services and talents. None of the members (aside from the founders) started off with important tasks, so don’t feel bad if you are a great kernel hacker, and we want you to start off taking the trash out. The trust develops over time and contributions. Eventually, you may be offered a position of core developer or maintainer, but this is up to the project leads.

Here is a list of some of the sorts of positions needed:

  • cAos2 package maintainer
  • cAos/Centos QA/testers
  • Web content maintainers
  • cAos financial/legal advisor’s
  • Infrastructure server maintainers
  • Technical documenters