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As stated in our social contract we are community project maintained and subsidized and give everything that we develop using an open source license. The cAos Foundation is a non-profit organization and its primary means for subsidizing the development of the projects you see here is via contributions by users such as yourself.

If you (as a person or representative of an organization) utilizes one of the cAos Foundation projects, then chances are that our survival is in your best interest. Contributing resources and/or finances to the foundation facilitates our development, testing, helps us afford the infrastructure to offer services to our users and of course it makes good buisness sense to you (the user).

Whether you wish to contribute effort to the project, hardware, networking, money, or something else, every little bit helps and is appreciated.

Another way that you can help support the cAos Foundation, is by using one of our partnered support organizations to purchase a support agreement, or other services from. That is because our partners have agreed to contribute back to the cAos Foundation for the services that they provide related to any of our projects.