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Official Commercial Support

If you require a higher level of support then what the Open Source community can offer, there are a number of support organizations which are dedicated to the cAos Foundation, and will donate funds in exchange for selling support or services for any of our hosted projects.

If you wanted to receive commercial support for any of the cAos projects here is a list of official commercial support organizations that can help:

n + 1 (Louisville, Kentucky)
n + 1 prides itself on delivering outstanding solutions and excellent customer service. Our team of engineers and developers have over 43 cumulative years of experience implementing high quality Linux and Open Source solutions within the enterprise. Our customers have routinely praised us for no only the quality of our work, but also on our outstanding service.
Owl River Company (Columbus, Ohio)
TeamHPC (Eudora, Kansas)
Pantek, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio)
The Pantek Team of world class Linux engineers provides expert technical support and security services, for cAos, CentOS, and a wide range of Linux and Open Source software applications, distributions, and systems. Services are available 24/7/365, and a one hour response time is available for mission-critical emergency situations.

note: to be listed on our site, all listed entries must have a relationship or partnership with the cAos Foundation and trusted to offer commercial/professional services for the cAos projects.

note for vendors: If you would like to partner with us to offer services in a particular area of expertise, please email Greg Kurtzer for specifics.