cAos Linux Warewulf Cinch


Cinch is a general purpose, simple to use and maintain Linux installer. It was written because there are presently no distribution neutral lightweight Linux installers. It utilizes a small ram-disk image that walks the user through a series of steps to first install a core file system, then do a basic configuration. It has been developed exclusively for cAos, but it is open source, so other distributions can take advantage of this innovation. It is lightweight, and easy to maintain and use.

The principal behind Cinch is simple. Installation of a distribution should happen only once throughout the life of the computer system barring hardware or major system failures. The goal is that the installer should not have to be used often, thus should be simple to use and maintain. Cinch is not feature rich, and will continue to mature, but will remain in this niche. There are no plans on making Cinch a GUI clone of other systems, or a mass system installer. It is a slim, easy to use, fast, installer.

Presently, Cinch resides on a CDROM and is programmed on shell scripts that run in a busybox initrd. The shell scripts walk a user through hardware configuration, disk setup, core system install, additional package install, and then a last bit of configuration. Everything has defaults, and a general system can be installed simply by pressing [ENTER] at every prompt.

Cinch can be downloaded for cAos2 on any of the mirrors in /cAos-2/install. Documentation in /cAos-2/docs/install.