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Best Mobile Games Of All Time

Mobile gaming has become very common. From the early games like snake and space impact to the latest ones like PUBG, mobile games have  gone through a massive makeover. The advancements in mobile app development are so evident that we are now playing VR games in our mobiles. It has never been stagnant as gaming is one of the fields that has embraced every new technology that has popped up. There are few instances where the gaming sector has been way ahead of times when compared to other sectors in the tech field. But this topic is not gonna deal with something deep. It is something that is on a very lighter note. Here are some of the best mobile games. 


It would not be an understatement to say that PUBG is one of the first names that would strike people’s minds if we get into the territory of mobile gaming. The Players Unknown BattleGround is one of the most famous multiplayer games that has redefined mobile gaming. The popularity of the game is so much that every year the developers of the game are organizing tournaments with millions of dollars in cash prize. It is available for both iOS and Android. This multiplayer allows you to partner or go against any random person who is playing on the other side of the planet. 

Shadowgun Legends:

It is a general thought that a destiny game cannot be played to its fullest potential in a mobile device. Only gaming consoles will be able to support them. Shadowgun Legends was the game that broke that stereotype and gave a new perspective to destiny mobile games. The functionality and the operations were really smooth. The out of the world graphics and precision in game design is something that deserves a very special mention.  There are unlimited options in the game to equip yourself and your base camp. There are shops where you can get your attire changed and also upgrade your ammunation. 

Asphalt :

There are no second thoughts about the fact that Asphalt set the bar high for all mobile games developers. The game brought in a new dimension to mobile gaming. It was one of the very first games which had exceptional graphics. It was developed by the famous gaming developer Gameloft. The latest version of the game was released in 2018.  The one great aspect about this game is that when they come with the consecutive versions they make sure that they exceed expectations in every possible aspect. 


The game is an adaptation of a famous Japanese anime. Some might wonder why Pokemon is listed here. The game’s growth and popularity was saturated at a certain point. But the game took the world by a storm when it was released. It was an instant success. It is more like the real anime where pokemon masters have to go find pokemon and capture it. The game was designed in such a way that there were pokemons in the nuke and corner of the cities. For a considerable time it was ranked at the top. 

Clash Of The Clans:

Before Clash Of Clans came into existence we had no idea that we are capable of managing a kingdom. Almost every class in every college had a clan. The game is not just about impulsive actions. It takes a lot of strategic planning to win the game. As you advance in the game a lot of features will be added. At a point of time Clash Of Clans was ruling the entire gaming sector. The predominant population, especially the youth, were so addicted to it. 

Temple Run:

Thinking about the game Temple run cements the fact that even the concept is simple it can reach people in a better way if it is presented properly. Temple Run was a simple concept where you should not get caught by the beast that is chasing you and run without hitting the hurdles that come by your way. The game has awesome graphics that can easily keep you engaged for a very long time. Even though the game was simple it caught the interest of many. As of now it is one of the most downloaded games .

Call Of Duty:

There was no surprise that Call Of Duty was perfect in every aspect. It is well known fact that COD already had a massive fan following all over the world. It is one of the best selling games of all time. All gaming fans must have played COD in the gaming console at least once in their life. When the mobile version of the game was released it had instant success and the mobile version was not a disappointment when compared to other platforms. They don’t miss to live to the expectations with every update that they come up with. 


There are very few people who have not fallen in love with this game. If you want real reviews of the game go ask any teenager. We are absolutely sure that you will not hear anything negative. The game gained instant popularity and it is said that the word of mouth was the main reason for the game becoming so popular. It is available for all platforms. The mobile version is nowhere lesser than the gaming console versions. 

Mini Militia:

Even though there were multiplayer games before Mini Militia was the one that laid a solid foundation. You cannot form teams instead you need to take down every other person who is playing. It can be played against people who are within a certain radius. It was a very intriguing game where you easily get consumed into the game. 

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