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App Development Trends 2020

Augmented Reality:

iOS App development currently involves integrating AR and VR(virtual reality). Towards this, a new file format – USDZ was introduced as part of the latest in ios development. It should allow developers to create and share augmented reality 3D content through a single file format. Brands can use AR to create personalized shopping experiences for their customers. It is along with focused marketing campaigns to attract new consumers.

Further, the newly introduced ARKit 2 improves the rendering of elements in augmented reality. It will bring together new context elements for AR experiments. This new layer will allow detecting objects in 3D, maintaining aspects out of the field, and measuring the size of real-world objects. It is one of the latest iOS trends for 2019.

Application Of Artificial Intelligence:

Siri today is a smart digital voice assistant using Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the launch of iOS 12, Siri now offers integration to the third-party iOS apps with the name, Siri Shortcuts.
iPhone application developers can take advantage of building iPhone applications that trigger specific functions using Siri quite easily and quickly. For example, a user can say, “Siri, I lost my keys,” which will allow Siri to open the Tile application, and activate the geolocation, or the beep of the badge attached to the keys, so to let the owner find their keys. Siri can also perform transactions in Apple Pay on voice instruction from the user.

Apple is now auctioning upon to plug the functionality that was missing in the Apple platforms. They are currently working towards improving Sirikit and enhance the said functionalities with Siri Shortcut. Therefore, AI-based Siri Shortcuts will make to the list of iOS app development trends 2019.

Machine Learning:

Core Machine Learning (ML) was introduced with technologies like NLP (natural language processing), and AI game development. Its newer version- Core ML 2 will lay a foundation for creating Apple’s future-ready hardware products. It is estimated that Core ML 2 will enable the development of feature-rich, high-performing, responsive, and interactive iPhone and iPad apps. Also, it will allow iPhone app developers to reduce 75 percent of trained machine learning models’ size.

A12 Bionic chip with its neural engine facilitates machine learning functions in Apple devices. Further, Apple is even planning to include Apple Neural Engine (ANE), a chip that will help accelerate the ML functionalities for future devices. It will also allow third-party developers to execute their AI within the devices. Thus, Machine Learning will continue to be on the list of iOS app development trends this year as well.

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