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Introduction to the cAos Foundation

cAos is a community of open source contributors and users focused on producing enterprise-level, community-produced and managed Linux solutions.


We have taken on the task of producting community maintained, RPM based distributions of Linux for the community. Thus the cAos Foundation presently fosters the development of 2 major types of solutions. One is a new distribution called cAos Linux, and the other is a freely available solution utilizing the freely available sources of RedHat Enterprise Linux called CentOS Linux.

We also openly support other projects that need assistance which are in-line with the goals of the Foundation. Please Contact us if you would like to have your project or aspects of your project hosted by the Foundation.

By pooling the resources of all of our projects together we are able to spend development efforts more effeciently. This also allows us to utilize a larger and more diverse developer base. Thus we have a built in redundancy in developers and efforts.

If you want to help, or join in on the fun, here are some good ways: