About CAOS Linux

Caos is maintained and managed by a team of computer science experts with many proven skills and resources that have pooled together to create a multifunctional, mission critical operating system. Caos Linux is designed to run on most i386 and x86_64 based hardware ranging from production level appliances, clusters and servers to personal desktops and laptops. Supporting a wide variety of software, Caos Linux is based on the best aspects of GNU/Linux with binary compatibility with the most popular enterprise version of Linux.

Caos Linux has a very easy to use installer for either the experienced admin or the total newcomer to Linux. Users can either have a fully automated install (even partitioning) or they can take full control. The Caos Linux installer, Cinch, is a very user friendly installer, written from scratch and open to other distributions to use. Your system has the advantage of grabbing latest packages from our online repository during time of install to guarantee your system is up to date and save the need for the constant burning of the latest CD Image. Post installation configuration is simple through either Sidekick, our server administration Swiss Army Knife, manually, or via the option of the web with webmin (Caos Linux is also supported by Cpanel).

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