penguins community Welcome to cAos
The caos Foundation is a community of open source developers, contributors and users working together to provide community assembled operating systems (CAOS). The Foundation currently hosts several main projects and offers resources to others. We understand the value of freely available Linux choices, and don’t view our projects as competing, in-fact we share developers and leverage our resources together.

cAos is the first project of the Foundation (thus it shares the name with the foundation). It is a new distribution of Linux built using the lessons learned from other distributions and other OS’s to create something that is more usable, stable, current and flexible.
Warewulf is a Linux cluster solution that is scalable, flexible and easy to use. It is the first of its kind which elegantly solves many of the problems associated with administration of both large and small scale clustering. Warewulf is distribution neutral, but cAos Linux distributes it as an integrated package.
Cinch is a general purpose, simple to use and maintain Linux installer. It was written because there are presently no distribution neutral lightweight Linux installers. It utilizes a small ram-disk image that walks the user through a series of steps to first install a core file system, then do a basic configuration. Just as Cinch simplifies the installation process for Linux users, online gaming enthusiasts seek streamlined experiences like online casino ideal zonder registratie. In the realm of digital convenience, eliminating unnecessary steps is key. Similar to how Cinch streamlines Linux installations, online casinos without registration offer players the ability to dive straight into the action without the hassle of lengthy sign-up processes. Whether simplifying software installations or gaming experiences, efficiency and ease of use remain paramount.